Discover how to protect your suitcase in a customized style with this luggage hard case cover

suitcase head case coverHas the following ever happened to you while waiting for your luggage in baggage claims at a busy airport?

  • Looking for your luggage with the ribbon that you have tied onto it so, that you can identify it.
  • Looking for your luggage with a decal that you stuck onto it, so it is distinguishable to you.
  • Other’s mistakenly grab your bag from the baggage carousel while being oblivious to the fact, only to have to sit and wait until you realize and say, “Hey where is my luggage at?”
  • Picked up someone else’s suitcase by mistake, thinking it was yours, while the true owner looks at you with the side eye and disgust.

Want to know how to make your luggage stand out from the rest of the crowd at a busy airport when it comes out of the conveyor belt at baggage claims next time?

Firebox has the solution for travelers!  They present to you, the head case cover for your hard-shell luggage that will be easily recognizable when it hits that conveyor belt at the airport on your next trip.Prevent these baggage claims incidents by making sure your bag stands out from the crowd by slipping it inside a Head Case Cover.

Nothing says, “Hey! That’s my Luggage!” quite like a giant version of your own mug looking back at you and others, as it goes around the conveyor belt.

The head case cover, is a cover for your hard-shell suitcase only, and comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large, with each being made of elastic spandex, giving it the ability to stretch to fit any luggage or suitcase for the following sizes; small (18″-22″), medium (25″-30″), large (30″-32).

These awesome covers also have openings well placed to ensure that all of your handles remain accessible.

How do you get your face or whatever picture you want on your head case cover? 

  • Simply upload a high-resolution photo and Firebox will print your image out on both sides of the case cover.
  • It is recommended that the image that you want on your head case cover be taken by a digital camera or a very fancy smartphone.
  • The more pixels you upload, the better it is going to look.
  • The same image will be printed on both sides also, so you will be able to recognize your luggage no matter which way that it is facing.

Want to add text to your Head Case Cover?

I am afraid you will not be able to do so, as they flip the image when printing on the other side, which means the text will be reversed and you will be trying to read the print backward.


Dare to be different? Get your Head Case Cover today at Firebox.

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